Fine Hardwood Floors


Reclaimed Wood Solid Wood Engineered Wood Exotic Wood

Hardwood is an organic, timeless, and enduring building material. Wood flooring has been used for hundreds of years and transcends centuries of interior styles. Brenda Pringle is dedicated to helping you bring your vision to life.

Reclaimed Wood Solid Wood Engineered Wood Exotic Wood

Wood, being an organic material, has specific traits like no other building material. Every species has its own quirks, characteristics and recognizable grain patterns. Hardwood flooring always adapts to its environment and will move, change and actually improve over time.

About Brenda

With a degree in Fine Arts, years of onsite construction experience and vast wood species knowledge, Brenda Pringle recommends, sources and provides flooring materials that are beautiful, distinctive and relevant to each space and project. Choosing a hardwood floor is one of the most important decisions a client can make.